Strategy, thinking and project management

Our real strength lies in an understanding of the way things are going, knowing what trends to test and which to avoid, and a practical knowledge of the pitfalls inherent in being too 'previous'.

Eco Consulting's partners have been members of several teams formed to explore new thinking about ethical, social and environmental policies.

Five benefits of good strategic input

  1. better communication between departments
  2. more effective IT strategy and choices
  3. longevity of systems continuity in valuable knowledge
  4. greater cost efficiency and planning
  5. relaxation = productivity

Details and long-term relationships

On the basis of these strengths, combined with our long-term relations with associates and clients, we are able to undertake project management for large information-rich websites, as well as for local individuals, with the same attention to detail and patience for the way different people like to work.

Agile guidelines

Here are the first of a series of concise features that attempt to condense what I've learned from being a successfully self-employed partner of Eco Consulting since 1992. I like the agile meme and try to apply it to all my activities.

Guidelines for agile project management
seven brief guidelines focussing on the essentials of successful project management, without the clutter.
Guidelines for the agile freelancer
some of these guidelines challenge traditional business thinking, but they might help you prosper as a freelance.